About us

From the Mountains of the Himalayas to the shores of Connecticut, the dream has come true.

Our ancestry starts in Nepal, where the mountain peaks of the Himalayas soar into the sky. At dawn the rocks glitter like diamonds, at noonday the sands of the rivers shine in the eyes with a million flashing sparkles, at evening the dry wind springs up the hills, and along the horizon a hundred colors sparkle in the light of the sunset. The Glorious East turns into heaps of ruby and amethyst, while between them the mists in the valley turn opal.

Nepal forms the watershed of Asia and spans a terrain from the subtropical jungle to the icy Himalayas, and contains eight of the world’s ten highest mountains. Its mountain chains include Mount Everest (Sagarmatha), standing majestically east of the capital city of Kathmandu. Climate in Nepal is governed by the monsoon, one of the world’s great weather phenomena bringing seasonal winds driven by extreme temperature fluctuations in Central Asia.

The tradition of Great Indian Cuisine is a few hundred years old. The most notable took place in the Kingdom of Awadh where King Nawadb Shah, a connoisseur of the good art of living, exhorted the Royal Chefs to outdo themselves. Succulent pieces of game and other meats, along with the choicest vegetables were cooked in sauces of exotic herbs, spices and dried fruits. The tradition continues here at Darbar India and awaits your indulgence to enjoy the Northern, and the Southern cuisine.

I take great pleasure in serving my customers, many of whom have become my dear friends. I consider this restaurant as my personal banquet table and invite you to share a meal catered to your taste. A banquet facility with a seating capacity of 125 people and a dance floor is also available on the second floor.

I welcome you with a warm heart.